Our approach to packaging is in-keeping with our general ethos of sustainability. This is why we have used eco-friendly alternatives to single use-plastics, which are standard in the fashion industry, in every part of our packaging. 
The personalised postcards we include with each purchase are made using recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable. 
Garment Bags
All of our clothes are sealed in a garment bag to protect them when they are posted. These bags are 100% degradable, meaning that they will degrade within a few months to a few years of being disposed. This helps to reduce the use of single use plastics and avoid the accumulation of litter.
Mailing Bags
Our packaging is made from sugar cane, which is an eco-friendly alternative to using polythene. Our mailing bags are carbon neutral and 100% recyclable. 
Gift Wrapping

Like all our packaging, we have aimed to make our gift wrapping as eco-friendly as possible. Because of this, we have sourced products that minimise environmental impact wherever possible. For example, the handles from our stamps are made from environmentally sourced oak, and the rubber used is natural eco rubber. You can add gift wrapping to your order for £1 at the checkout. 

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